Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy


Severe but gentle

From his evangelic movement and from the social reality he is a witness from as a young priest, V. Scheppers explicitly chooses for the education of the weakest youngsters. Till today he still remains inspiring friars and leek cooperators.

A constant presence among the pupils, playing with them and romping together are conditions to get order, discipline and dedication to the studies. His ultimate purposes of formation and education are:  religiousness, virtuosity and an unselfish devotion for his fellow-men.

Formation of the intellect is to him only one aspect of the personality of youngsters: formation of the character and the emotional formation are important as well. Sports and game bring the healthy detention. Severity and gentleness go hand in hand for V. Scheppers.

Family feeling

Youngsters should feel as one big family: everybody deserves respect and nobody can be excluded. Weak and new pupils are stimulated and supported.

This vision of V. Scheppers to teaching and education is to be found in letters, in prayer-books and in school regulations. Besides that, there is human knowledge, respect for each child and   a large pedagogical insight to expression. He advises us to guard the obvious choice for youngsters who need care and this a modern way and to put them on into educational acts.

The permanent changing of the social context although demands that we put on this educational vision into the function of the needs of our contemporary youth in the Flanders. This document thus contains the actualizing of our pedagogical project and the mission of the Scheppers schools in the Flemish province