Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

A lot of people die in the V.Scheppers’ family. He enters the seminar.

The parental home of Victor Scheppers in Mechelen


Cornelius J. Scheppers (1841, 73 years old) marries Joanna M. Th. C. Estrix (+1815, 51 years old) in the Saint Rombouts church in Mechelen.


Joanna Fr. C. dies; she’s V. Scheppers sister, 16 years old.


Victor receives Holy Communion for the first time in the Saint John’s Church in Mechelen. He was a pupil of the boarding school of the reverend priest Moons.


Belgium was united with The Netherlands by the pact of Vienna


V. Scheppers starts his humanities at reverend’s Verloey, prefect in the “Begijnenstraat”. In 1816 the institute was brought over to the Saint John’ street and is now called the “Little Seminar”.


Joanna M. Th. C. Estrix , mother of V. Scheppers, 51 years old, dies.


Catherine L.C. Scheppers, sister of Mgr. Scheppers, 17 years old, dies.


Prince François A. De Méan, is appointed archbishop in Mechelen.


V  Scheppers goes to the college Saint Joseph in Aalst, at that moment run by diocesan priests, with reverend Van Crombrugghe as principal. He stays there till August 1820.


Cornelius J. Scheppers, Victor’s father, buys the house in “The Swaen” on the “Grote Markt”; he replaces the wooden front by one of stone. There he starts living with his two sons C.J. Joseph and Victor.


New Order in Council: the Seminarists, entered after July 11th, must leave the seminar. This happens on December 9th in Mechelen.


John Fr. X. Estrix, uncle of V. Scheppers dies. In 1807 he was the mayor’s adjunct later on he became alderman and then mayor of Mechelen. He was uplifted in nobility on December 12th 1818. He married Barbara Fr. Nelis, who became V. Scheppers godmother.


Jan – Fr. Scheppers dies; he was V. Scheppers’ uncle and was born on September 6th 1760. He was provisional administrator of Mechelen in 1792 and brewer in the “Posthoorn” in the “Schoutestreet”. Then he married Maria-Th-P. Parasiers, had two children, and Anna C.J.Vermijlen, six children.


C.J. Joseph Scheppers dies; he was a brother of Victor, 30 years old. He left behind four minor children; Joseph, who had descendants; Constantin, who went to Canada, Victoire who marries Alexander Deudon d’’Cornelie; marries with 1) P. Pijcke d’Ideghem, 2) Jacques Verhaegen, without descendants.


By an order in Council the seminaries were opened again


A circular letter, printed in both country languages, coming from the secretary of the archbishopric and addressed to the priests, where the candidate – priests were invited to announce oneself for the entrance examination on Jan. 7th at 9 o’clock in the Great Seminar.

The archives of Scheppers also contain a manuscript, addressed to V. Scheppers, that mentions that he, after having done the exam, was found worthy and capable and that he was invited to enter the Great Seminar on January 26th.


V. Scheppers enters the seminar in Mechelen.


Due to the September revolts, Belgium became independent and it was decided to appoint a provisional Government.


V. Scheppers receives the minor orders in Gent from Monsignor van de Velde, because Prince de Méan, Archbishop of Mechelen was ill and died in January 1831. His successor was only consecrated in April 1832.