Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

The priest V. Scheppers starts a Brother congregation.


Monsignor De Méan, Archbishop of Mechelen dies. The honourable sirs Sterckx and Forgeur become Vicars of the “Kapittel”.


V. Scheppers is ordained subdeacon in Gent by Monsignor van de Velde.


Leopold I becomes King of Belgium.


V. Scheppers is ordained deacon in Gent by Monsignor Van de Velde.

From his first seminar year onwards, he was ordered to teach catechism to the poor who worked in “Het Hof van Egmont”, named “the Putterie”. Later he could teach the children of the St. Rombouts parish catechism, each Sunday, at 14 o’ clock.


Engelbert Sterckx is ordained Archbishop.


V. Scheppers is ordained priest by Monsignor Sterckx, as the first Ordinand of the new bishop.


V. Scheppers celebrates his Mass of honour in the St. Rombouts church in which his ordination took place. After the mass, Monsignor Sterckx congratulates him and his father.


V. Scheppers is ordered to keep an eye upon the schools of the St. Rombouts parish and is allowed to teach catechism.


V. Scheppers is authorized to hear confession in the St. Rombouts church in Mechelen. Soon the priest will get the opportunity to reconcile a lot of people with God and to lead them during many years.


V. Scheppers is nominated canon of honour and on December 24th, he is appointed.


Canon Scheppers visits the prison of Vilvoorde and is touched enormously by the loneliness of its inhabitants. Reverend van den Brande, who was priest in Vilvoorde, could only give them a bit of religious support.


The Basilica of Scherpenheuvel

During his yearly pilgrimage, and kneeled before the statue of our Holy Mary of Scherpenheuvel, Canon Scheppers decides to found a Brother congregation, especially to support the prisoners.


Archbishop Sterckx approves this intention.


Sir Ernst, Minister of Justice, who was asked for advice by canon Scheppers, declares that he is prepared to accept Brothers in the service for prisoners; he also promises financial support for the support and the education of the Brothers.


Canon Scheppers buys a house, with borrowed money, besides his school and transforms it into a convent.


The first two candidates enter.


Monsignor Sterckx is nominated Cardinal.


The jubilee of our Holy Mary of Hanswijk; the father of canon Scheppers is president of the entertainment committee. At this occasion he donates a expensive metal clothing for the statue.


He is received solemnly in Mechelen.


Cardinal Sterckx appoints canon Scheppers as religious leader of the Brothers of our Holy Mary of Mercy. He approves their rules and presides over the inhabitation of the first three Brothers.


Canon Scheppers is chosen by the chaplains of the prison as chairman of their monthly assemblies.