Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

The congregations grow, V.Scheppers dies and the process of beatification is introduced.


The Brothers arrive in Alsemberg to take over a boarding school that only counts a few pupils. The pupils grow from 146 to 1872. Monsignor Scheppers likes to come there and preaches over there several times for example during the retreats.


The seven Brothers who worked in the wards of the prison of Vilvoorde are dismissed by Minister Tesch.


Cardinal Wiseman, Archbishop of Westminster dies.


Monsignor Manning is appointed as successor of Cardinal Wiseman. Both archbishops had an enormous influence. Wiseman was more a scholar, a cultural man. Manning, who was a converted, used his organization talent to expand the charitable institutions on a large scale and he also received the poor Catholic Irishmen who left for London, in Catholic schools and institutes. Even more than Wiseman he was favourably disposed towards the Brothers and the founder.


Monsignor Scheppers and Brother Vincent go to London for the 3th time.


Edouard Ducpétiaux dies. He contributed a lot to the improvement of the prison system and, he also had a great influence abroad with his documents.


The inhabitants of Brook Green house move to Boleyn Castle. They count 100 pupils. The number of pupils will redouble.


The Brothers now take the leading over the technical school of Little Llford, London. They receive 160 children, as well in the primary school as in the professional school, just like in the two other institutes. All three of them are free boarding schools. 


Monsignor Scheppers, founder of two congregations, dies.


The global Chapter of the Brothers, hold in Mechelen, decides to ask the introduction to the process of beatification of their founder 


Cardinal van Roy agrees and the first prayer for beatification is made. The reading of Nimal’s book has convinced the Cardinal of the justice of demand for beatification.


The Scheppers Institute commemorates its 75 years of existence

The Scheppers Intsitute commemorates its 75 year of existence, boarding school and non-resident school. 400 pupils, amongst them a lot of old pupils, viscount Poulet (related to Monsignor Scheppers) and the Earl Carton de Wiart, attend the solemn Mass and the flag consecration by Monsignor Tessens, General Vicar. 

The Schepperscantata was performed; the text was from Jozef De Vocht, the music by the conductor Brother Basiel Gustin. During the speeches, in the Schepperscantata and in the beautiful Album-Souvenir, Monsignor Scheppers was commemorated in a touching way.


The municipality of Mechelen gives the name of Monsignor Scheppers to a new street.


The informative process in Mechelen is opened.


The informative process is closed. From now on Monsignor Scheppers will be often called as “servant of God”. The first Postulant was Brother Damaso Cerquetti; the first Vice-Postulant was Brother Emiel Siebelinck. They were asked to give all possible information to the qualified authorities in Rome.


The Brother Congregation’s centenary.


Transfer of the mortal remains of Victor Scheppers from the Walem cemetery to the Institution of Scheppers in Mechelen.


Decree concerning the documents of Gods servant Victor Scheppers.


Decree concerning the start of the Process of beatification.


Start of the apostolic process concerning Victor Scheppers’ life in Mechelen which ends on the 5th of May 1965.


16th of March 1987, Victor Scheppers was declared “respectable”.