Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

The Brothers work in the prisons and V. Scheppers also founds a sister congregation.


Three Brothers start service in the hospital wards of the correctional prison in Vilvoorde. In 1848 there were already 800 prisoners.


Cornelius J.Scheppers dies. He is widower of J.M.TH.C.Estrix, father of Monsignor Scheppers, 73 years old. After his father’s death, Victor is the only survivor of his family.


For the time being, Canon.Scheppers starts living in the convent of the Brothers.


He moves into a house opposite to that of the Brothers in the “Begijnenstreet”


The Dean of the Saint Romboutschurch, Reverend Crabb, charges him temporarily with the leading of a few pious young ladies who live in community. In March 1843, this task is definite. These young ladies support themselves by teaching, by lace-work and by other tasks.


Five Brothers start service in the military prison in Aalst as nurse men. In 1848 there were already 813 prisoners.

The prison for convicts in Gent


Five Brother start service in the prison for convicts in Gent to serve in the wards, It was called the “rasphouse”. In 1848 there were 1257 prisoners.

01-08-1843 – 26-10-1843

V. Scheppers goes to Italy, accompanied by his good friend, Reverend Marcel Vanderlinden. In Rome he receives the bones of the Holy Martyr Victor and this by Pope Gregorius XVI. The Pope makes him clear that it is still too soon to get the Popes approval of the Rules of the Brothers


Ten Brothers go to Saint Hubert, to teach and to educate condemned minors. Because of the growth of the prisons population up to 400, the number of Brothers soon grows up to 20.


The Brothers also start service in the cell division. In the prisons in Vilvoorde and Gent happens the same.


V. Scheppers starts living in his newly build house at the Melaan.


As soon as the Brothers moved into their new convent along the “Molenstreet” and “The Melaan” in September 1844, the pious young ladies go the former convent in the “Begijnenstreet”


Canon Scheppers resigns as chairman.


Pope Gregorius XVI dies and is soon succeeded by Pope Pius IX.


Canon Scheppers exhumes the bones of his aunt Catherina and of his family members; he places them in a new tomb behind the choir of the church of Walem, in which he also foresees a place for himself. On top of it, he places the well known Calvary in freestone, in white marble and white stone.


Partly on Canons Scheppers costs and upon his proposition, a small tower is placed on the chapel of “Oliveten”. He also pays the bell. More than once, he pays the restoration costs of the chapel.

Lots of times Scheppers visits the older people, the daily scholars and the young men of the Sunday schools. Lots of times, he also preaches in “Oliveten”.


Cardinal Sterckx presides at the official foundation of the congregation of the sisters of Our Holy Mother of Mercy. Canon Scheppers is nominated as their spiritual leader. Their Rule is approved. Sister Catharina Perée becomes Mother Superior and gets three councillors and a minor Superior.


The 17 sisters receive their convent cloth out of the hands of Canon Scheppers.


Cardinal Sterckx presides over the first profession of the Sisters.


The first free infant school is founded in Mechelen in a few rooms of the garden of Busleiden and is lead by the Sisters. Soon, they count 200 pupils.


Canon Scheppers is nominated as Secret Chamberlain of Pope Pius IX. This means he can wear the purple cassock and mantle and that he is now Monsignor. From this moment on, he brings in the text “In nitore constat” under the family arms, which means: "In nitore constat" .


Four Brothers start leading the orphanage St Mary’s in North Hyde, London. 

In 1871 there were already 512 children. The generosity of the English Catholics made that the first buildings soon expanded.


Eight Brothers , who were in service in Aalst, were discharged, because the prison closed. That same day, V. Scheppers withdraws the five Brothers out of the Cell division in Vilvoorde; their situation became unbearable because of the teasing of the local government. 


Monsignor Scheppers and Brother Vincent go to London a second time.