Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

The community of the general House in Villa Scheppers has two Brothers.


Villa Scheppers


The General Superior Brother Marco Albani and the General Secretary Brother Paolo Barolo are living in the General House in Villa Scheppers.

The Start

Chapel in Villa Scheppers

In 1965 Villa Scheppers was bought and the Novitiate found its accommodation over there. The General Committee was also partly established there. In 1968 this had been transferred from Kapellen (Belgium) to Villa Scheppers.


Hotel Scheppers


Hotel Scheppers

In 2005, Hotel Scheppers was opened on the domain Villa Scheppers. It is the Congregation’s property, but it isn’t managed by the Brothers. It is a middle class hotel with three floors and 43 rooms in general. On the hotel, there is a enormous terrace with a magnificent view on the surroundings. Business travellers have the disposal of different rooms for conferences and banquets.

Conference room in Hotel Scheppers