Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

The community Mater Misericordiae, linked to the Pontificia Scuola Pio IX, counts 6 Brothers and two novices.

The Institute PIO IX with the community Mater Misericordiae


Brother Superior and Economist Andrea Bonfanti, Brother Roberto Piccolo, Brother Ambrogio Annoni, Brother Vipin Varghese,  Brother Salin Pathrose and Brother Rosario Sujeesh Sundara and two novices Abhilash Raj Stanly Raj and Ajin Ramachandran are living in the community Mater Misericordiae.

The Start

In 1858 there was also a community at the Pia school near the Piazza Pia in Vatican City. That school had to give way for road-building and was removed in a building, let by the Vatican, near the Saint-Peter’s Place. The present community which is linked to the Scuola Pio IX still lives there.