Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

The community of Nyakabiga in Bujumbura which is connected with the “Lycée Scheppers de Nyakabiga”, counts 16 Brothers and one novice.


In the community of Nyakabiga in Bujumbura live Br. Superior Désiré Nininahazwe, Br. Vice-Superior and economist Venant Bahati Bisengimana, Br. lyceum director Philotte Hakizimana, Br. Barthélémy Ndayishimiye, Br. Joseph Nzeyimana, Br. Emmanuel Cokola Mungu-Akonkwa, Br. Germain Barhayumanana Kanani, Br. Célestin Nzobonariba, Br. Sylvestre Mbazumutima, Br. Vital Nibaruta , Br. Élie Niyoitungyiye, Br. ECOFO manager Patrice Nkorerimana, Br. Boarding school director Isaïe Hategekimana, Br. Lyceum economist Athanase Hakizimana, Br. Eric Nirera, Br. Thomas Niyonsega and Novice Médard Tuyikeze


On the occasion of the golden convent jubilee of Brother Arnold and Brother Albert,  all Brothers, novices and postulants of the Burundese Delegation together.

The Start

From 1969 onwards a community in Bujumbura is also connected with Nyakagiba or “Ecole Moyenne Pédagogique”, nowadays the Lyceum Scheppers.