Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

Nowadays, most of the “Scheppers schools” can be visited with internet. Besides, there also exists an international website Victor Scheppers.

The 125th birthday 

New mortuary chapel of V. Scheppers at the Scheppersinstituut Mechelen

2001-2002 is a year in Belgium with a few commemorations. In the celebration of the 24th June 2001, in the” Sint-Rombouts cathedral”, Cardinal Danneels called Scheppers and his followers early examples of voluntary devotion for fellow-men.

New mortuary chapel of V. Scheppers
New mortuary chapel of V. Scheppers

He made a bridge between the affection of the young priest and the necessity of unmeasured and unpaid devotion in the recent society. In that way V. Scheppers and the works of the Brothers and sisters was actualized again for some time.

Although, only but a few considered the celebration of the 125th birthday of the decease of  Vincentius of Mechelen  as a motive to stay in the cathedral during a sunny Sunday morning.

On internet 

At the beginning of the 21th century, all Scheppersschools in Belgium had their own website. Even in Italy, Argentina and Uruguay, our schools are on the internet. In Africa, the Brothers have connection with internet, but they don’t have a website of their own.

In 2004 they started an international website  Victor Scheppers.

Source: SCHEPPERS, OUR SCHOOL by An Hermans, printed in 2002