Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

After V. Scheppers’ decease, the attention for his person didn’t diminish at all. The older students, immortalized him in an marble statue, undoubtedly with the approval and support of the congregation.

Respectful custody

The former mortuary chapel of Victor Scheppers

Moreover, the friars stimulated a climate of respectful custody of all things that could remind the founder. Letters and objects, even those from his parental home or from the house where he lived in, were carefully taken care of. 

At the congregations’ birthday, reunions of older pupils and at school festivities, references towards the founder were never far away. The hope of a beatification even put strength upon the ardour.


A poem in honour of V. Scheppers

Alice Nahon

Even in the 20th century there were a few celebrations. The Flemish poet Alice Nahon (1896-1933) who was very popular in the 1920’s, wrote a poem in honour of Scheppers at the occasion of the 75 years existence of the Scheppers institute in 1927.

 A few circumstances declare why this young poet was involved at the centenary feast. After a period of rambling at the end of the year 1926, Alice Nahon was nominated librarian in the municipal library of Mechelen.

 She moved in a literary circle, where also a few friars as well as older students (amongst them friar  Abel Joosten (pseudonym Albe) were active.

Poem of Alice Nahon

The poem was scattered as a separate edition and included in the memorial book.

Source: SCHEPPERS, OUR SCHOOL by An Hermans, printed in 2002