Brothers of Our Lady of Mercy

The brothers stimulated a climate of respectful custody of all things that could remind the founder.

Unexpected death

In 1871 the end of  the reverent father  seemed to be near. The joy was enormous when it was said that there was once again recovery.

Unexpectedly the manager, Vincent Vanderveken, V. Scheppers's right-hand-man who was also the first friar, died. In the language of that period, it was called: “heaven demanded an expiatory sacrifice”.

The funeral of V. Scheppers

V. Scheppers lied in state in a funeral chapel

V. Scheppers himself would survive his first followers till March 7th 1877. He was buried at the cemetery of Walem, where a family tomb was arranged, on his initiative.

The funeral was an impressive, sad ceremony and according to the newspapers, it had not been seen anymore in Mechelen since the death of cardinal Sterckx,.

In memory of V. Scheppers, former pupils took the initiative of erecting an white marble mausoleum.

General director for ever

The name of the founder was honoured and kept alive within the congregation in different ways. V. Scheppers had always played a central role in the congregation. Not without any trouble, he could maintain his function of general manager all his life long, and he could also choose his assistants, this with the support of the other Scheppers ‘managers. Even during his lifetime, he was avowed and honoured in lots of circumstances.

Respectable Father

Victor Scheppers

The preferred form “respectable Father” became a maintained tradition. He, himself signed his letters with “founder” and “General Prior”.

A few celebrations were built around his person. For instance, the festive day of Saint-Victor, his patron saint, was yearly celebrated, as well as the birthday of his ordination was a reason for festivities. The honourable titles that V. Scheppers obtained, were celebrated with lots of splendor by all the friars and the pupils

Source: SCHEPPERS, OUR SCHOOL by An Hermans, printed in 2002